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Kids birthday group 

Bridal Parties


Let Them Know You Care.   One of the best ways to let your 'soon to be married mate' just how much you do care for them is to shoot them up at Margaret River Paintball !!! You can't beat the adrenalin fueled send off a day of paintball has to offer and MRP have some of the most fun ways on offer to send that mate off!


Best Men and Maids of Honour. As the organisers of the day, you and the bride or groom will receive the Bridal Party Package. This entitles you to $20 discount off the main pakage price,  an upgraded paintball marker and additional 500 paintballs for free. Book a group with more than twenty players and the bride or groom recieves the base package at no cost!    


Don't Forget! Your good mate will want to stand out from the rest of the pack on their special send off, so be sure to organise some whacky attire to grant them that wish. Or you can arrange at the time of booking for MRP to provide said attire at no extra cost. We can't have the special targe... um bride or groom blending in with crowd now can we?    


Exclusive use. As with all booked sessions at MRP, your party will have exclusive use of all facilities during your allotted session time. So your party is the only party! 


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margaret river paintball text