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About Paintball


Paintball is the fastest growing sport in the world! It’s fun. It’s a combination of Hide, Seek and Tag. PAINTBALL IS A TEAM SPORT. THIS IS A GAME AND SPORT THAT REQUIRES TEAMWORK AND EXCELLENT COMMUNICATION SKILLS AND THE WILLING FOR ADVENTURE‚Ķ..

The sport of Paintball is played in over 40 countries by millions of men and women of all ages & lifestyles.

When playing paintball it doesn't’t matter if you are male or female as you all play on an equal level. Size and strength has no advantage at paintball, if anything the bigger you are the harder it is to hide, depending on your choice of barricade.
The game is played with two opposing teams competing utilizing Co2 Paintball Markers which propel a non-toxic washable gelatin capsule. When the paintball breaks on your opponent, he or she is eliminated.

All players are provided with a specifically tested and approved face mask & goggles which must be worn while out side of the safety zone. All commercial Paintball fields have specially trained refs to ensure that the players follow the rules and don't do anything which could harm them self's or others. With this in mind it is worth noting that the American Insurance industry statistics show that a Paintball player is 13 times LESS likely to sustain an injury than if they were playing Net ball. Also, most injuries that occur are caused by tripping or falling over,(ie Bruises & Strains,) NOT from being marked by the Paintball markers. All in all, Paintball is a very safe sport when played under proper supervision by trained refs.

Paintball is intense fun when you play with a bunch of your friends or work mates. Form a group & make a booking by sending us an E-mail with your details.

If you enjoy lots of action and making new friends, come to Margaret River Paintball for a FUNTASTIC DAY OF ADVENTURE.

Beginners are always welcome.

margaret river paintball text